Where being a fan means something…

HappyEp074 – HappyMarsLandEffectTara

Okay I’m sorry I have no idea how this happened, I left Kim alone with Andrew. I warned them about crossing the streams but to no avail and now the podcast is all covered in Marshmallow…

So welcome to episode 74 of the HappyMarsLandEffect Podcast.

Guest: Andrew

Episode: Family

Promo: Angel Between the Lines

Final thing, please join me in welcoming Christine to the crew…

HappyEp073 – Vengeance

Welcome back, this week we are taking a look at one of our favourite vengeance demons, and no we’re not discussing Anya…

Guest / HIGIB: Melissa and also here

Character: Halfrek / Cecily

Promo: MASH 4077 Podcast

HappyEp072 – Help

Hi, so here for your audio entertainment and Buffyverse enjoyment is the next episode of Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland. This time Kim is joined by Jarrett who not only is a fan of the show but acted in the episode being discussed; enjoy…

Guest: Jarrett Kaufman

Episode: Help

Promo: Skepticality

Other Links: Mr. Deity

HappyEp071 – Band Candy

So as the days get longer and the nights get shorter, (well around here anyway), another two weeks have passed and it’s time for another fabulous episode of Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland.

Guest: Levi

Episode: Band Candy

Link: Popularly Cultured

HappyEp070 – Happy Potential

Happy New Year, okay I admit it’s a little late for that, but yeah we’re back and we have an awesome schedule of topics and guests lined up for 2011.

To kick the year off Kim is joined by Stephanie from the Potential Cast, an amazing podcast where a group of folks are recording an episode by episode review of the whole of Buffy; the twist, three of them have never watched the show before…

Guest: Stephanie

Topic: Potential Cast

Promo: Potential Cast

HappyEp069 – Go Fish!

Well this is our final episode of 2010, Kim and the crew are now taking a break for Christmas and will be back in 2011 with more in depth analysis and fun conversations around all things Buffy; but hey before you go, time to enjoy Kim and Heidi continuing their ongoing conversations about those Buffy episodes….

Guest: Heidi

Episode: Go Fish

Promo: Firefly Between the Lines

HappyEp068 – Xander and the Women – Part 3

Welcome back to the final instalment where Kim is again joined by John for our look at Xander and his relationships…

Guest / HIGIB: John

Character: Xander Harris

Promo: CastleCast

HappyEp067 – Xander and the Women – Part 2

Okay we’re back for the second part of the Kim and John review on Xander and the Women in his life…

Guest / HIGIB: John

Character: Xander Harris

Promo: Polyamory Weekly


Okay folks shiny giveaway news, woohoo….

Kim was recently a guest on an episode of Tuning In To SciFi TV where they discussed Buffy. They are now running a contest to win the complete series on DVD.

You’ll need the ‘code phrase’ that they give out in the spoiler free portion of their discussion to enter to win the contest. Details can be found on the above links. Unfortunately it’s only  available to US residents but if that’s you what are you waiting for; good luck…

HappyEp066 – What More Xander?

Yep, we’re spoiling you. This time out Kim continues the discussion on Xander, this time with John…

Guest / HIGIB: John

Character: Xander Harris

Promo: sofadogs’s Podcast