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HappyEp083 – Joss is a meanie!

Hi, welcome to episode 083 where Kim and guest Katrina discuss why Joss is a meanie, oh and along the way review Normal Again, Entropy and Seeing Red

Guest: Katrina

Episodes: Normal Again, Entropy, Seeing Red

Promo: Chic Geek

HappyEp082 – Happyland Gift

The Gift

Hi, in episode 082 Kim and guest Taryn review the one hundredth episode of Buffy, The Gift

Guest: Taryn

Episode: The Gift

Promo: Knights of the Guild



This episode is a real treat as Kim joins the folks over at the PotentialCast to tiptoe her way through a spoiler free conversation on all things Buffy.

Guests: Gabby, Kim, Alirio, and Steph

Topic: All things Buffy

Promo: PotentialCast

Other Links: PotentialCast Facebook Group, PotentialCast Tw

HappyEp081 – Potential

This episode is a real treat as Kim joins the folks over at the PotentialCast to tiptoe her way through a spoiler free conversation on all things Buffy.

Guests: Gabby, Kim, Alirio, and Steph

Topic: All things Buffy

Promo: PotentialCast

Other Links: PotentialCast Facebook Group, PotentialCast Twitter

HappyEp080 – Parents

So after a brief break we’re back with a fantastic look at the roles that parents play within Buffy. Kim’s guest is still watching Angel, so parental views from that show will have to wait until she’s done.

Guest: Angie

Topic: Parents

Promo: Hellmouth Podcast

HappyEp079 – Not Quite Happyland

This week we’ve something different for you. Kim is really busy so we have had to delay the normal show by two weeks. So instead we are sharing the latest episode of Angel Between the Lines with you, starring Kim as our favourite Buffy Bot…

If you are already a fan of ABtLs and have downloaded this episode then you can skip over this and come back in a couple of weeks time. Unless you want to listen again.

Otherwise if you’ve missed out on ABtLs, then hopefully this will get you hooked…

Content: ABtLS1Ep010 – Not Quite Stepford

HappyEp078 – Fun and Games

Yes it’s that time again. So here we are with Episode 78. This time Kim, Heidi and Tabz talk about some of the Buffy related games that they have enjoyed playing…

Guests: Tabz and Heidi

Topic: Chaos Bleeds

Promo: Chic Geek

HappyEp077 – The one where Giles sings

Hi firstly apologies for the delay in getting this episode to you. The real world has been doing it’s best to disrupt our schedule.

However we have a real fun episode to welcome you back, Kim is joined again by Heidi to continue their episodes you love to hate series. This time around they are reviewing Where the Wild Things Are.

Guest: Heidi

Episode: Where the Wild Things Are

Promo: Angel Between the Lines

HappyEp076 – Rogue Demon Hunter


Welcome back, this week we are taking a look at our favourite Rogue Demon Hunter, Wesley…

Guest / HIGIB: Barbara

Character: Wesley

Promo: Adventures in SciFi Publishing

HappyEp075 – Credits

Hello, sorry we’re a little late this week…

Hopefully you’ll agree that this is worth the wait as we have a really fun episode lined up for you all this time.

Kim is joined by Tabz and Emma to discuss the credits… Enjoy!

Guests: Tabz and Emma

Topic: Credits and also check out this.

Promo: Conglomeration 2011