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New Buffy Between the Lines Contest!

Denver Tickets on Sale Now!

ok folks, so the Sing-A-Long tickets are on sale for the Denver event now! I’ve already got mine, who’s gonna join me? Get your tickets here. Also don’t be confused by the website. It seems to be saying Thursday and Friday night, but it’s really Friday and Saturday night, promise. Can’t Wait! Don’t forget to […]


I Need a New Intro!

I am looking for a new intro for my podcast and Iā€™m looking to YOU for help. The winner of this contest will receive all issues of the Buffy Season 8 comic (up to #4), and you will have the joy of listening to it on my podcast! Each entry must:be submitted to UpsideDownHappyLand@gmail.combe in […]

Technical Difficulties!

I’m sad to say that I’m having some technical difficulties right now so my cast for this week will be delayed. Having a bit of trouble with Libsyn right now but I’m hoping to get it all cleared up by next weekend so I should have something up by then. In the meantime it looks […]

Icon Goodness

So I recently got into making icons and thanks to my wonderful husband I even managed to snag the software for it for my birthday. So please feel free to take a gander and use any you’d like! Enjoy!

Need promos!!!!!

Got your own podcast? Need someone to pimp your website? Looking for a little attention? If so then send them on over!!! Really folks, I’m looking for some promos to air on my podcast and so I’m hoping to get some lovely people to send me some. If you have something you want to advertize, […]

Many Things I Do Not Know…

Ok so the latest cast should be out very soon! It’s “in the can” so to speak, just needs a big dose of slappin’ the thing together and we will be on the way! It is a bigt one though, so I’ll probably make it a two parter… In the meantime, I’ve been nominated for […]

Almost there…

The next cast is almost ready to go, just holding out hope for a few little pieces I am waiting on. I may give up and just move on without them though, so stay tuned…

For anyone who enjoys the Week in Whedon podcast, laoshi and Tabz (at SL Podcast) are trying to give them encouragement/love to bring the show back! Head over to weekinwhedon.org’s forums or drop them an emailThanks so much! If you own a community that is Whedon related PLEASE post this there. šŸ™‚