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So where is everybody…

Hey folks, the real world has been keeping the crew, especially Kim, insanely busy of late… We may publish the odd episode we have in progress during the next few months, but essentially we’ll be in hiatus now until the summer when things should calm down a little… Stick with us we’ll be back again […]


Okay folks shiny giveaway news, woohoo…. Kim was recently a guest on an episode of Tuning In To SciFi TV where they discussed Buffy. They are now running a contest to win the complete series on DVD. You’ll need the ‘code phrase’ that they give out in the spoiler free portion of their discussion to […]

Sorry for the delay…

Hi folks, sorry we’re having a couple of tech difficulties so the next episode will be a week late. Apologies, in the meanwhile feel free to leave us comments and feedback both here and on iTunes for the recent episodes… Thanks

Back soonish… promise!

Okay so I was a little optimistic last week. Due to some manic real world fun and games we have been forced to slow the Happyland output. So the next show will be out on the 28th, a month after the last one. We’ll then post again a month later, and then we will be […]

Back soon…

Hi all, we’ve all been really busy here so unfortunately there’s no new Happyland today. However we’ll be back in a weeks time… See you then.

So where’s my Happyland??

Hi all, apologies from the Happyland crew. We’ve all had some scheduling fun and games these last few weeks so unfortunately we’re going to be a couple of days late with Episode 52 🙁 However the good news is that we’re not slipping our overall schedule so this means that there will be less time […]

We need your help…..

Hi everyone, as you have just heard if you listened to the podcast we need your help. We really want to push Happyland up the podcast rankings but to do that we need 5 minutes from each of you. That’s it, just that, we don’t want your money or your soul, just 5 minutes of […]

A Special Horrible Treat

A small treat just for you! Just for the visitors of this site, I’m thrilled to share with you this cover of My Eyes that Clay and I did. It aired at the end of an episode of Joss’d, but here it is all by itself just for your enjoyment.

Shhhhh!!!! Don’t Tell!

So 5 mins worth of 5 months…. (download it there) Tomorrow is the party and Saturday we go live!

BBtL Premier!

OK I know I need to post my Dragon*Con wrap-up, and it is on it’s way, but hopefully you will understand why I’ve been so busy on Oct 6th…   After months of waiting, BBTL’s premier is just around the corner – October 6th, 2007!  Can’t wait? BBTL has teamed up with the podcast Techno […]