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HappyEp092 – Early or Late the debate goes on…

Welcome back to 2012, we kick off with a great episode debating early and late seasons of Buffy; enjoy. We’ll be back in a months time with Episode 93, see you then. Guest: MikeJer Topic: Buffy Seasons – early versus late Promo: CastleCast

HappyEp091 – The Bronze – music in the buffyverse – Part II

So just a week after Episode 90, here’s 91 which follows on from Episode 86; if that makes any sense… Anyhow, this is our last show of 2011, thanks for listening and join us for more fun with Kim and friends in 2012… Guest: Tammy Topic: The Bronze Part II and music in the buffyverse […]

HappyEp090 – Anne or Joan or Lily or Chantarelle or even Sister Sunshine

Hello, welcome back as we head towards our seasonal break, just one more episode after this one and then we will be back in 2012… Guest: Missy Character: Anne Steele Promo: ScapeCast

HappyEp089 – Trouble always comes in three’s…

Well you know what they always say, trouble comes in three’s. This week Kim is joined by her good friend Andrew to discuss the Evil Trio. Guest: Andrew Topic: The Trio Promo: The Mars Effect  

HappyEp088 – Darla

Hello, we’ve got a great episode for you this time, combining a ‘How I Got Into Buffy’ story, character review and a whole load of Buffy related fun. HIGIB: Kalle Guest: Kate Character: Darla Promo: Buffy Thoughts

HappyEp087 – Slayer 2.0

Welcome back to Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland. This time Kim is rejoined by the amazing Tabz, to discuss how Buffy could have been if Social Media had existed back then… Guest: Tabz Topic: Social Media / Web 2.0 Promo: Angel Between the Lines Links: Band Candy – Facebook summary

HappyEp086 – The Bronze – music in the buffyverse

See, now we are spoiling you, just a few minutes after Episode 85, here we are with Episode 86. This time Kim and guest Tammy discuss The Bronze and music in the buffyverse. Guest: Tammy Topic: The Bronze and music in the buffyverse  

HappyEp085 – Dawn

Welcome back to Episode 85. This time Kim and returning guest John Pavlich are discussing Dawn and the impact of her character being implanted into the middle of Buffy and the scoobies. Guest: John Character: Dawn

HappyEp084 – Showtime

Welcome back as we continue Kim and Heidi’s series on the episodes you love to hate. This time around they are reviewing Showtime. Guest: Heidi Episode: Showtime Promo: Saturday B Movie Reel

HappyEp083 – Joss is a meanie!

Hi, welcome to episode 083 where Kim and guest Katrina discuss why Joss is a meanie, oh and along the way review Normal Again, Entropy and Seeing Red Guest: Katrina Episodes: Normal Again, Entropy, Seeing Red Promo: Chic Geek