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HappyEp092 – Early or Late the debate goes on…

Welcome back to 2012, we kick off with a great episode debating early and late seasons of Buffy; enjoy.

We’ll be back in a months time with Episode 93, see you then.

Guest: MikeJer

Topic: Buffy Seasons – early versus late

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4 Responses to “HappyEp092 – Early or Late the debate goes on…”

  1. I watched the original run(Or “Live” as poeple like to call it,Soo I was completely unspoiled),without any internet access (Or access to the fandom) and I’ve ranked the seasons in this order since my first rewatch (which happened just months after the series finale): 6,3,2/5(they tie for me),1,4 & 7.(Seasons 4 and 7 have the least entertaining season arcs-but as mentioned some of the best standalone eps of the series).The Master is waaay better than Adam & The First combined)

  2. Wow yes I was too totally shocked that Season 6 was so slated. I watched the show too last year and I had no idea why people didn’t like it best! Its got such grown up themes and the charactures are so deep and complex, spike is naked most of the time and willow as a big bad was the best idea ever!

    I also think it matters when you saw seasosns- the age you were as an adult i identified with the chararcures more in the later series as I was lder when I watched it- maybe that has an effect?

  3. Yeah, season 6 is my favorite season too. I’ve never found anyone else who thinks that but my mom and I never could see why not. I could identify with them the most in season 6 and I’m not an adult by any stretch. I found their struggles against normal life more interesting than any other Big Bad. I think my favorites go 6, 2, 5, 3, 7, 1. We got to see these people that we’ve known for so long, who are our role models, hit absolute bottom. We saw them go evil and leave each other at the altar and go into serious states of depression and this season showed me just how human these characters are. They lost everything and yet they still managed to get up and start building their lives again.

  4. Just started listening to your podcast (found from Steph at Potential Cast), as I just finished Angel last month. I had come from Firefly as well and was looking for something to watch while exercising – I figured since Firefly was so great, I should give it a chance. I was pretty unspoiled, and purposely kept off fan sites to stay that way. I watched all of Buffy (via Netflix) and by S6 watched faster and faster…S7 in about 10 days, which is very fast for me. Then, went to Angel and watched S5 in about 10 days…could not wait to see Spike come back (yes, team Spike).

    S6 was also one of my favs, though I love them all (S1 the least). I agree with Kim that I find the later seasons more discussion worthy and so rich in character development (per what Othiara mentions above). And perhaps the struggles with real-world adult problems do resonate more when you are an adult. Though I have an adult friend who prefers the early seasons since she does not like ‘dark’ as much (though a Spike fan too)

    Just finishing a re-watch of S4 with my teens, who I am introducing to BuffyVerse and I really enjoyed it – so many good stand-alones and somewhat fun to laugh at Adam and Riley, knowing they do not last and what is to come.

    Looking forward to listening to all past and future casts!

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