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HappyEp091 – The Bronze – music in the buffyverse – Part II


So just a week after Episode 90, here’s 91 which follows on from Episode 86; if that makes any sense…

Anyhow, this is our last show of 2011, thanks for listening and join us for more fun with Kim and friends in 2012…

Guest: Tammy

Topic: The Bronze Part II and music in the buffyverse

Promo: Flash Pulp


One Response to “HappyEp091 – The Bronze – music in the buffyverse – Part II”

  1. I was glad that you did a show(s) on Buffy music, I have considered emailing and seeing if I would be cool enough to be a guest on the show and discuss this topic but am too darn lazy. 😉 One thing that you didn’t mention was the connection between the theme song and the “The Final Fight” music from Chosen. If I am not mistaken “The Final Fight” uses essentially the same melody as the theme song. I love that contrast between the punk-esque theme song and the orchestral “Final Fight”. The Theme song is fun and edgy and makes a perfect match for the show, and the “Final Fight” music is so beautiful and full of pathos and seems a perfect tribute to all that our characters have been through and how they have changed and what has been lost.

    Also, I was surprised that you didn’t mention “Only Love” from the episode Touched. I love that song and the music and lyrics are so fitting for that moment.

    Finally, when I hear “Good Bye To You” at the end of Tabula Rasa as Buffy and Spike make out, I always think that the song is also about Buffy saying good bye to her old self and her old, pre death, way of being.

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