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HappyEp087 – Slayer 2.0

Welcome back to Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland.

This time Kim is rejoined by the amazing Tabz, to discuss how Buffy could have been if Social Media had existed back then…

Guest: Tabz

Topic: Social Media / Web 2.0

Promo: Angel Between the Lines

Links: Band Candy – Facebook summary

2 Responses to “HappyEp087 – Slayer 2.0”

  1. Hey Kim, surprised that you and Tabz didn’t discuss the impact on research.

    For example Buffy being able to grab a snap of the demon on her iPhone, tweet it to Giles
    (who am I kidding), Willow, who would post on Facebook / do a Google image search etc.
    By the time Buffy got back to the library they would be all done.

    Buffy would potentially have millions of online scoobies who could research for her.
    If they were global enough they could “follow the sun” to give her a 24x7x365 research team…

    However the episodes would be a lot less fun, imagine all those Xander research scenes we
    would lose…


  2. This episode was excellent! Thank you Tabz and Kim for covering this topic. It was so much fun to listen to! I especially like the idea of the watcher’s council having a twitter feed. And maybe they would also have a private facebook group set up 🙂

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