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HappyEp085 – Dawn


Welcome back to Episode 85. This time Kim and returning guest John Pavlich are discussing Dawn and the impact of her character being implanted into the middle of Buffy and the scoobies.

Guest: John

Character: Dawn

2 Responses to “HappyEp085 – Dawn”

  1. Hey loved this one- I don’t like Dawn that much as a character but I feel that her introduction in season 5 was an awesome plot line and I really enjoy that season. I don’t think she deserves the hate she gets in the fandom as much as others (like Riley). I was also disappointed that she wasn’t used anymore in terms of being ‘the key’ as this could have been developed furhter. I was also sad that she never really got back the friendship she had with Spike in season 5 & early season 6 as this made her more likeable and real as a characture.

  2. I think she was a very real character. I understand exactly what she was going through. After she lost her mother and then Buffy, her abandonment issues had abandonment issues. I don’t think of Riley as unlikable, but I never could think of him as an actual character, just as Buffy’s boyfriend.

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