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HappyEp083 – Joss is a meanie!

Hi, welcome to episode 083 where Kim and guest Katrina discuss why Joss is a meanie, oh and along the way review Normal Again, Entropy and Seeing Red

Guest: Katrina

Episodes: Normal Again, Entropy, Seeing Red

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2 Responses to “HappyEp083 – Joss is a meanie!”

  1. During the podcast you both indicated that you felt Spike’s attempted rape was out of character for him, but here is how I read it: Spike and Buffy’s sex life is somewhat kinky and has involved violence towards each other (in fact you could say that about their whole relationship). What I think is going on is that Spike, in his desperation to get Buffy back, attempts to “woo” her back using physical force-hoping that their struggle will turn sexual as it has in the past. Just shows you the importance of a safe word if you are experimenting with S & M.

  2. Spike has always been an interesting character because of the struggles between the man and the demon inside him. Just as Buffy has been in a low place, Spike gets in low places in several episodes, any it’s in these low places that the demon starts to win. This is most apparent in the episodes Fool For Love, and in this episode.

    On a separate topic, I would disagree about Xander’s “boundaries between evil and good”. His “boundaries” quite frankly always seem to get a bit squiffy once access to someone’s lady bits come into play. He’s perfectly willing to overlook Anya’s demon-y ways once she makes it clear that she is attracted to him. Plus, his attraction to Buffy early on is essentially thwarted by the apprance of Angel which earns his ire right from the getgo. Don’t get me wrong, I think his moral flexibility makes him an interesting, if occasionally infuriating character

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