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HappyEp082 – Happyland Gift

The Gift

Hi, in episode 082 Kim and guest Taryn review the one hundredth episode of Buffy, The Gift

Guest: Taryn

Episode: The Gift

Promo: Knights of the Guild

2 Responses to “HappyEp082 – Happyland Gift”

  1. OMG… totally had to pull myself together here at work while relistening to Buffy’s speech to Dawn when she knows what she must do. And now I will probably have to rewatch this episode tonight!

  2. Yeah Doc is mega creep and I agree what is he? The bit I don’t get is how Spike is so strong and has taken out large groups of monsters/ uber vamps etc but somehow Doc manages to be able to just push him off and there isn’t really much of a fight?

    Does anyone else think that was weird?

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