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HappyEp080 – Parents

So after a brief break we’re back with a fantastic look at the roles that parents play within Buffy. Kim’s guest is still watching Angel, so parental views from that show will have to wait until she’s done.

Guest: Angie

Topic: Parents

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2 Responses to “HappyEp080 – Parents”

  1. Not to be Mr. Internet “You’re Wrong” Guy, but you were thinking of Rebecca Gayheart, the first Inara/Dead Like Me actress.

    Did Keri Russell perhaps also audition for Inara or something?

  2. That was great- It would have been really interesting I think if we did have information on Spikes father as I wonder if his relationship was good with him as he seems to have some ‘father’ issues and this I think is made quite clear with the whole ‘Angel’ things and how he always wants to be ‘better than him’ and often seems like a rebelious teenager next to him and then in Angel everntually ‘beating him’ in a fight.

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