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HappyEp077 – The one where Giles sings

Hi firstly apologies for the delay in getting this episode to you. The real world has been doing it’s best to disrupt our schedule.

However we have a real fun episode to welcome you back, Kim is joined again by Heidi to continue their episodes you love to hate series. This time around they are reviewing Where the Wild Things Are.

Guest: Heidi

Episode: Where the Wild Things Are

Promo: Angel Between the Lines

One Response to “HappyEp077 – The one where Giles sings”

  1. It amazing the podcast was in fact more entertaining than the actual episode. I am really not a fan of this episode except the Anya and Spike sceens. I also disagree if she had have been having sex with Spike at the time this would have improved it loads (bet they wouldn’t have just spent it all on the bed!)

    I am not a Riliey Fan and also tend to skip this episode if I re-watch the series (or choice episodes from it). This is also my worse episode of Buffy.

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