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HappyEp076 – Rogue Demon Hunter


Welcome back, this week we are taking a look at our favourite Rogue Demon Hunter, Wesley…

Guest / HIGIB: Barbara

Character: Wesley

Promo: Adventures in SciFi Publishing

3 Responses to “HappyEp076 – Rogue Demon Hunter”

  1. What’s a rogue demon?

  2. I loved this episode. I was not really a fan of him in Buffy but is transformation in Angel was amazing it was proberbly one of the best characture development in the whole verse. I was a bit saddended that he didn’t play more of a role in series five as this seemed to be very Agel/ Spike focused (which I loved) but he turned into such a hot bad ass!

  3. Hi there Kim,

    I wanted to let you know that I positively LOVED the ep that you did on Wesley.

    He’s one of my favorite characters, and i love how you addressed how much he grew and really evolved between his beginnings on Buffy and his so, terribly, terribly, still makes me want to cry, end on Angel.

    All for now,

    Keep up the good work.


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