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HappyEp070 – Happy Potential

Happy New Year, okay I admit it’s a little late for that, but yeah we’re back and we have an awesome schedule of topics and guests lined up for 2011.

To kick the year off Kim is joined by Stephanie from the Potential Cast, an amazing podcast where a group of folks are recording an episode by episode review of the whole of Buffy; the twist, three of them have never watched the show before…

Guest: Stephanie

Topic: Potential Cast

Promo: Potential Cast

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bob DeGrande, Kim and Kim, verseandy. verseandy said: New episode of Happyland now available, http://www.upsidedownhappyland.com/2011/02/happyep070-happy-potential/ Enjoy! […]

  2. I have to give a big thanks to this episode because I have heard about the Potential Cast and I know you and TABZ are big fans but I never felt the pull to listen. The promos I have heard never pulled me and I listen to so many podcasts it’s hard to start listening to something new. Just getting recommendations from you two isn’t enough, sorry but I’m not a huge fan of cool refreshing Zima, considering I listened to them either just before you, or at the same time, they didn’t make the cut ๐Ÿ™‚ Strangely Literal, Undead America and Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland all have remained on my podcast feed since the early days.

    So now, I am going to subscribe to Potential Cast, because the idea of introducing people new to Buffy and getting their thoughts on episodes is very interesting to me. I had a thought years ago to do the same with my sister and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, but it never came to be.

    Also, there was a podcast that did every since buffy episode in review, I think it was called Buff Cast? It was done by two guys but they finished it years ago so I’m not sure if you can download it in archive or not.

    Wow, this comment is making me realize just how long I have been listening to podcast…. yikes

  3. Nutty!
    Well I’m glad you’ve stuck with me, and I can see why CRZ was challenging, it’s not for everyone (what is?). Also the one you are talking about is called the Buffcast and they did not do an episode by episode review, they did season by season (like CRZ). Yes, they did complete the seasons, and even did Angel. The Buffycast was an awesome podcast similar to Happyland, and that one podfaded before I even started Happyland.

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