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HappyEp065 – Xander

Welcome back folks, this week we kick off a series of reviews on Xander. First off Kim is joined by Mike to take a look back at the high and lows the steps forward and stumbles back that is Xander… Guest: Mike Character: Xander Harris Promo: PotentialCast

HappyEp064 – Kennedy Hate?

Thanks for bearing with us folks. Well here it is episode 64. This time Kim is joined by the amazing Rachel and together they delve into the fandom’s love hate, well to be honest mainly hate, relationship with Kennedy… Guest: Rachel Topic: Kennedy Hate? Promo: Geek by Night

Sorry for the delay…

Hi folks, sorry we’re having a couple of tech difficulties so the next episode will be a week late. Apologies, in the meanwhile feel free to leave us comments and feedback both here and on iTunes for the recent episodes… Thanks