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HappyEp058 – Clothing Seasons 3-5 with Jason

Woohoo, in fact I’m so excited woohoo again. Okay our mini hiatus is over, and yes I know I’m a day late posting this, sorry, however Kim is back and she has been recording like mad. This means that we have a whole load of awesome shows stacking up ready for you all.

Kicking it off we welcome back the truly fabulous Fozziebare as together him and Kim discuss clothing in seasons three to five of Buffy; enjoy…

Guest: Fozziebare

Topic: Clothing in the Buffyverse, seasons 3-5

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One Response to “HappyEp058 – Clothing Seasons 3-5 with Jason”

  1. Yay!! You’re back!! Love the topic and have to add my two cents. When you discussed Willow’s clothes you said that she wasn’t much into accessories, but that is so not true! Willow almost always wore some kind of beaded choker necklace (I am a beader so that is probably why I noticed). During the first three seasons her necklaces were whimsical and definitely had a kid vibe. In season four the necklaces become more grown up along with the rest of her clothes. Some of her jewelry is really beautiful (as is Tara’s), some is still kind of whimsical but in a more adult fashion. As an interesting side note, there is a necklace that is worn by Veruca that, many episodes later (possibly in season five), is worn by Willow. Veruca wears it while she is singing- it is a fairly distinctive necklace-purple and green seed beads. I don’t think this is in any way significant, Willow is firmly in Tara territory when she wears it. I suspect that maybe wardrobe just thought it was beautiful.
    I loved Jason’s observation about the dress wearing in Buffy’s dreams. In Restless, she wears a very sweet dress with a cherry print on it. The dress itself has a very ingenue look to it, and cherries generally represent inexperience and a certain kind of innocence. It seems like a very fitting dress for Buffy to wear in that dream while the first slayer tells her that she doesn’t know anything. Our girl has already gone through a lot, but darker days are ahead.
    Looking forward to more new episodes!

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