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HappyEp053 – So What Is Normal Anyway

This time Kim is joined by one of our new editors Kinsey. Together they discuss Normal Again. This is one of the more controversial episodes within the Buffy fandom so I hope you all enjoy their views on it… Oh and if you’re wondering, there will be a How I Got Into Buffy from Kinsey in the near future.

Guest: Kinsey

Episode: Normal Again

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4 Responses to “HappyEp053 – So What Is Normal Anyway”

  1. I really enjoyed the new eppy. “Normal Again” is a great episode and I have also wondered about which reality was real. This is my thought on the subject. To sum up in one word: Angel. If none of this was real, then nothing that happened in Angel the series would have happened. Thanks for the great show, Kim! As Tabs might say, you pretty much rock!

  2. I was also bothered by this episode, but not just because of the continuity problems, but also because it is a lousy depiction of mental illness and the treatment of mental illness. I work with people with severe and persistent mental illness and there are about a million things wrong with the whole situation. But on the bright side, I know absolutely that the asylum is not reality-if Buffy had been in an asylum for so many years she would have looked awful-bad hair, bad, pale skin, super skinny or overweight…so rest assured, folks, that asylum stuff is all just bad demon ju-ju!

  3. OOOO, I just thought of something…maybe when Buffy tells Willow that she was in an asylum before coming to Sunnydale, maybe that memory was part of the effect of the bad demon ju ju, and not a real memory.

  4. Yeah I really enjoyed this episide too. I didn’t really think it was ever meant to suggest that this was all a fantasy in her head but it was a clearer episode.

    There is a fanfic story can’t remember the site where it says what would have happened if she had let the demon kills them all in the cellar.

    I agree if she had have been there that long she would have looked rough!

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