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So where’s my Happyland??

Hi all, apologies from the Happyland crew. We’ve all had some scheduling fun and games these last few weeks so unfortunately we’re going to be a couple of days late with Episode 52 🙁

However the good news is that we’re not slipping our overall schedule so this means that there will be less time to wait after you get Episode 52 before Episode 53 will be out!

Oh and we haven’t forgotten that we still owe you the How I Got Into Buffy from Eleanor. We’re working on resolving some technical problems and hope to get this out to you all soon.

Thanks again for supporting Happyland and feel free to leave comments here on the site or on iTunes.

Plus if you want to join in the fun and send us your How I Got Into Buffy story we’d love to hear from you; especially if you’d also like to join Kim for a chat on your favourite episode, character, story arc etc.

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