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HappyEp052 – Ssshh can we get some Hush around here please…

Once again sorry for the delay but here it is the very shiny Episode 52.

This time Kim is joined by the fantastic Robin and together they discuss Hush. Oh and don’t worry just because it’s the episode of Buffy with hardly any talking in it, doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t lots to talk about and many fun clips thrown in as well; enjoy.

Guest: Robin

Episode: Hush

Promo: Future Traditions

4 Responses to “HappyEp052 – Ssshh can we get some Hush around here please…”

  1. That’s it.. I’m unsubscribing. You said EPIC! 😉

  2. I love love love this podcast! I feel this is the best buffy podcast by far! I love your clever topics on all things buffy; you guys are awesome!

    Eat. Sleep. Buffy.

    Fresno, Ca

  3. Point of clarification: Olivia pops up in three episodes “The Freshman”, “Hush”, and “Restless” and is mentioned in “Who Are You”. These were the four episodes were written and directed by Joss during the season. It seems like he was the only writer to care about the Giles and Olivia relationship.

  4. When I first saw this episode I wouln’t get up till it was light to use the bathroom in the night. I have not re-watched it since but after this I want to see it again!

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