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HappyEp048 – Doublemeat Palace

So we are back with a super fun sized episode of Happyland. This week Kim is joined by Heidi who together shake up a large serving of fryfully good entertainment…

Okay enough with the bad fast food humour. Yes they are discussing the season 6 episode 12 show Doublemeat Palace.

Guest: Heidi

Episode: Doublemeat Palace

Promo: Hellmouth Podcast

3 Responses to “HappyEp048 – Doublemeat Palace”

  1. Hey, loved the show. Never knew that so much went on in that episode, but then every episode seems to have little things that makes the buffyverse more complete, full.
    Also that clip ya’ll played toward the end, where Dawn tells Xander about her friends sister becoming a lawyer, seems to foreshadow Buffy season 8 issue 28.
    Just a thought.


  2. hi kim
    firs time posting but long time listener well like 8 months or so, love the how i get in to buffy history
    love the podcast. and i’m not a lone with this buffy obsesseion of mine

    i work at mcdonal’s for 3 years is no that bad well in mexico is no that boring,a lot more costumers a lot more believe me!!!

    i saw the SMG and JM bloopers always i see that part of the episode i remember her laughing

    thats it sorry if i have typos or wherever my inglish is no that good

    kip qthe good work comeing
    and you’r awesome

    ps : you ha a mexicoan fan


  3. I absolutely love love love this podcast! My name is Izzy; I’ve been unemployed for the last few months and all I do is Eat. Sleep. Buffy! I’ve been a fan of Buffy since it was originally on the air, but now that I’m out of work I’m back training to be a Buffy Junkie! I’m now just discovering Buffy podcasts on iTunes and this is my favorite one by far! I want your podcast for a long time! <3 😀 <3

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