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HappyEp041 – Fool for Love

Episode 41 covers one of the key episodes of Buffy, Fool for Love. Key as this episode is tied into so many others in both Buffy and Angel, and expands the back stories of many of our favourite characters.

Guest: Scarlett Lily (Mollie)

Episode: Fool for Love

Promo: The Jesus Geeks

7 Responses to “HappyEp041 – Fool for Love”

  1. First time listener and just got to say that this was funny and interesting to listen to. I had completely forgotten about this episode until I heard this. Brought back memories, especially feeling sorry for Spike in this episode. One last note, Spike being called Spiky, LOL.

  2. I do love Spike getting called Spiky. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed! Keep listening! There’s more on the way!



    Great episode, loved the discussion… even if it’s all about Spike *cough*.

  4. Hey! Everybody loves Spike.
    If they don’t they must be meanie heads 😉

  5. Oh Tabz….. THANKS!!! And I’m with Kim! Everyone should love Spike. He is too awesome not to. 🙂

  6. Fool for Love is my favorite episode, loaded with good stuff. I love how circular it is, with poor Spikey being identically dissed by two women that he loves. And I love the last scene on the porch between Spike and Buffy, such a sweet moment and, I think, part of the circularity of the episode. William says “I may be a bad poet, but I am a good man”, and his response to Buffy’s sadness is proof that that good man still exists inside Spike.

  7. Yeah this is my best episode too! I am a major Spike fan and this is one of the best episodes showing his back story and I loved it that he was such a sweetie! I really liked the bit when he met Dru and yeah it did not make being turned into a vampire look sexy, it looked painful!

    I thought it was interesting to hear about ‘what was Buffy hearing’ as it was unlikely that she heard the true story. I had never thought about that before.

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