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HappyEp038 – Back to Nick

So it’s September already, but more importantly two weeks have passed and it’s time for a new episode. This week Kim chats to Nick who we first met in Episode 26. Now he’s finished viewing all of Buffy and the two of them discuss his views on early and later seasons, character development and his overall impressions of the show.

Guest: Nick

VS: Early Seasons vs. Later Seasons

Topic: Getting Into Buffy – the wrap up

Promo: Angel Between the Lines

9 Responses to “HappyEp038 – Back to Nick”

  1. I’m a little confused because you said Early Seasons vs Late Seasons was a tie but then told Nick you liked the later seasons more…

    I’m watching the series backwards now. I have a couple more episodes of Season 7 to go, then I’m going to go back to 6. I remember starting over and getting through some of Season 3 but forgot where I left off.

    Thanks for continuing to do the show, I subscribed on iTunes and will check out some of your older episodes while waiting for new ones.

  2. Yeah I think its a moment of weakness thing. When I sat down to rationally think it out I realized I love both early and late seasons (for the reasons I listed). When I was talking with Nick I was so jazzed he had seen the later stuff I just raved about that. I’m silly that way sometimes (blush).
    I’ve not tried the backwards thing though. Are you watching the season in order or is that backwards too (did you start with Chosen)?
    Yeah there’s no way you all are getting rid of me anytime soon! I’ve got a ton more to say! 😉

  3. I’m watching the episodes in order, so I still need to watch Touched, End of Days and Chosen. But between work and trying to keep up with Netflix too,. it’s taking me longer than usual. Plus I keep picking up things like 30 Rock and Alias…

  4. I think I may try that on my next run through. I’m mid-S5 right now, so I’ll be done soon-ish. I’ll wait a month or 2 and give it a go. Thankfully I love S7 a lot and watching it 2 times in a row won’t be a challenge (my first time I watched it all in one night).

  5. It’s always interesting to hear someone’s take on the Buffyverse who’s new to it. It’s also difficult. For me, I love the show unconditionally and there are some episodes that I don’t prefer, but they are all part of the story and thus essential pieces. It’s hard to listen to a guy who’s only watch the show through once be so critical. But, whatevs, I made it through, and tried very hard not to want to resort to face punching with Nick and take his observations into consideration like grown people do.

    Eagerly awaiting the next episode!!

  6. Awww Nicolle I understand. I’m glad you made it through and I hope you’ll keep listening! I too love it all, even the stuff I “hate.” Thanks for the comment!

  7. Of course I’ll keep listening!! I’d be lost without Upsidedown and Halfway to Happyland!!!

  8. Hello,

    I am a new listener to “Happyland” and I’m slowly getting caught up with casts, and I think this might be the first cast that I heard right after it was uploaded. (yay)

    I would have to put my “two-cents” in on the fact that I watched most of Buffy as it was Broadcast, but I enjoy the later seasons better.

    Season Six is probably my favorite, right behind season 2&3 (its a tie right now) I liked it mainly because you saw the characters change, and so many shows don’t allow characters to change more than one episode, and then it’s back as if nothing ever happened.

    I think that is one of the reasons why I like Buffy is that actions have consequences, and they are things that people remember later on. (even if its the simple “remember the time when we turned into our costumes?” ((ahh Ethan Rayne)))

    I don’t have the time here, but if you let me know where to find your email, i would like to send you my conversion story.


  9. Kate!
    Thanks for the feedback. I know there are actually a lot of people who watched the show as it aired and love the later stuff. I tend to think of those as non-traditional, but there are also people who watced the DVDs and liked the earlier stuff more. As is true with any generalities, there will always be people who don’t conform. I love that though!
    I think you nailed it on a lot of the great things about season 6 and the show as a whole. The character development is what had me aching for more, even until the very last second.

    As for emailing me? There is a link on the site, and the email is easy to remember, upsidedownhappyland at gmail.com. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

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