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HappyEp033 – Giles

Hi all and welcome back to Happyland. This week Kim is joined by Brian Brown who if you don’t recognise the name you will definitely recognise the voice. Brian appears in a multitude of Farpoint Media shows and others. For Buffy Between the Lines listeners you will recognise him as our very own Giles. Guest: […]

We need your help…..

Hi everyone, as you have just heard if you listened to the podcast we need your help. We really want to push Happyland up the podcast rankings but to do that we need 5 minutes from each of you. That’s it, just that, we don’t want your money or your soul, just 5 minutes of […]

HappyEp032 – I Only Have Eyes for You

This week you all get to hear the shiny new versus segment, Kim compares Ghosts and Demons Which is followed by Kim joined by Tabz and Emma in a discussion on Season 2 Episode 19 of Buffy I Only Have Eyes for You. Listen out for Tabz’s cat Myboyfriend. As part of his plot for […]