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HappyEp031 – Lorne

Andy Hallet and Lorne

Hi everyone, this week Kim discusses Lorne with the awesome Becca exploring the impact he had on the show in general, his own story arc and the effect he had on the other members of Angel Investigations .

Kim also mentions a promo for Becca’s podcast, however unfortunately we were not able to include it in the episode but we will share it with you as soon as we can.

No discussion on Lorne can occur without mentioning the sad loss of Andy Hallett in March this year. Kim and Becca discuss Andy and also some of the songs he is famous for singing as Lorne and the Tim Minear tribute. Included below are links to a fan tribute to Andy based around Lady Marmalade and Tim’s tribute.

Guest: Becca

Topic: Lorne

Extras: Andy Hallett Lady Marmalade Tribute

Tim Minear Tribute to Andy Hallett – Note requires Facebook access

Promo: The Canon Puncture Show

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