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HappyEp031 – Lorne

Hi everyone, this week Kim discusses Lorne with the awesome Becca exploring the impact he had on the show in general, his own story arc and the effect he had on the other members of Angel Investigations . Kim also mentions a promo for Becca’s podcast, however unfortunately we were not able to include it […]

HappyEp030 – Twilight and Buffy

Episode 30 discusses Twilight and Buffy and compares characters and story arc’s. Kim is joined by the enigmatic xMadxScientistx who you may also know as Willow on Buffy Between the Lines . The PTB really didn’t want #30 to be posted, we’ve had fun getting this out to you all. So I’d like to quickly […]

HappyEp029 – Back Stories…

This week Kim talks with another member of the Happyland crew, the awesome John. The two of them delve into the back stories that helped form and direct some of our favourite scoobies in both Buffy and Angel. Guest: John Topic: Character Back Stories Promo: Technorama Extras: Hey we now have a contacts page, check […]