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HappyEp028 Spike vs Angel – Part Two


Hi so here it is the second half of the second half of the epic Spike vs. Angel discussion which started on Joss’d, and was continued in HappyEp028 Part One

We’ll be back next week with Episode 29.

Guest: Tabz

2 Responses to “HappyEp028 Spike vs Angel – Part Two”

  1. Spike is a million times better than angel. Spike had the longest and greatest journey. Spuffy and Spike 4-ever!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah I agree. I really wasn’t an Angel fan (but like him evil) but after watching his TV series I liked him more but I felt Spike totally stole the show. If it wasn’t for his characture I wouldn’t have got so into the series and not just because he was so fit but because of the great journey and how he develops as a person.

    It was also due to him that I started reading fanfic and this was the first podcast I listened to as it come up in a google search and now I am hooked!!

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