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HappyEp027 – Spike and Xander

So the wait is finally over, after two long weeks the next shiny episode of Happyland has arrived….

This weeks Kim talks with the fantastic Suzi about  Xander and Spike in Season 4. Check out Suzi on the Happyland Crew page and on the link below.

Guest: Suzi

Topic: Spike and Xander (Hi, this is a link to info on Season 4, from a different source for a change, please note I did want to link to Spike / Xander info but after searching online for suitable links, I felt it best to leave this to listener discretion…)

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5 Responses to “HappyEp027 – Spike and Xander”

  1. loved the episode!!!
    I was simpatico with most of the views that the show presented.
    I must say however that I am a Xuffy fan.
    I firmly believe that if not for Willow, in the first season, Buffy and Xander would have gotten together.
    There are several instances of this sprinkled through out the show:
    In “The Pack”, hyena, Xander elicits the same response from Buffy that Spike does in season 6.
    In “Teacher’s Pet” Buffy gets snarky about Xander’s attraction for Miss French. This is to repeat several times over the course of the series.
    In “Go Fish” she is clearly attracted to Xander, on a physical level.
    There’s the episode where Xander and Buffy would have kissed in the funeral home, but were interrupted by the vampire in the coffin.
    Not to mention “Entropy” and “Seeing Red” in season 6 as well as “Dirty Girls” and “Empty Places” in season 7.
    Don’t forget Season 8 either. It’s cannon. Buffy’s erotic dream of Xander, The way Buffy fought to get to, and then comfort, Xander on the rooftop.
    Unrequited love on both fronts. I’m telling you, it’s there.

  2. I’ve never heard it as Xuffy, always Bander… Interesting ideas!

  3. Hello Kim,

    Your Spander discussion reminded me of this very amusing video. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

  4. Thanks, I did enjoy it!

  5. Love this ep…I was wondering…who do I send my how I got into Buffy story to? could you please email me the address if its not too much trouble…Thank you.

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