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Thank You Jeff!

Woo and a Hoo! Episode 21!
How I Got Into Buffy Story: Claude
Character Highlight: Dawn (as the Key)
Episode Highlight: Him
Topic: Dawn Hate

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  1. Yay Jeff!!


  2. I know this is an old episode, but I only just now listened to it. I agree that it was horribly disappointing that the series never really dealt with what Dawn actually is, in terms of her being the Key. One would think that she and Buffy would be very concerned about this for all sorts of reasons, one being that they don’t even know if the spell to disguise the key is permanent. One day Dawn could just cease to be.

    Another interesting question is what will happen to Dawn at the end of her life. Will the Key revert back to its original form? Will Dawn go to an afterlife? Does she have a soul? Is it the Key’s soul or a separate soul? (Is the Key sentient?) Can Dawn even die? Perhaps she is immortal. (And of course there are the obvious Key-specific questions, such as what is it, who made it and why?) I haven’t read the Season 8 comics yet, so I suppose it’s possible some of these questions were addressed after this episode came out.

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