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Did I Say Once a Month? Silly Me…

Well here you go! Ep 20!

Intro: Brian Brown

How I Got Into Buffy Story: Larissa Myhowych

Promo: Dragon Page Cover to Cover

Character Highlight: Harmony

Episode Highlight: Harm’s Way

Extra: Joss’d, BBtL Auditions! Wanna play Harmony?

2 Responses to “Did I Say Once a Month? Silly Me…”

  1. I had to stop watching Buffy when the content got to be a little too adult (my kids)But now they are older and we love watching all the DVDs. Love the podcasts!!! All of them!! Thanks!

  2. I have only recently started listening to podcasts, and I must say that your show is fascinating, I really enjoy the exposition and the way that you make your show for the fans and about the things that the casual viewer might not have seen at first glance.

    As an English Major, I find myself wanting to watch the episodes in advance to listening to the podcast and then find myslef rewatching them afterward. You’ve brought a new light to my favorite show.

    I really agreed with a lot of the points that you made about Harm and feel justified in saying that I also hope she makes an appearance in the Angel Season 6 comics.

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