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Halloween Special!

I love Halloween, so I figured I’d put something fun together for it!  Here are some great vampire things to check out: Twilight Series Salem’s Lot Vampire Junction (Valentine Series) Vampire Chronicles The Lost Boys Twilight Lexicon Plethora of Vampire Books

Back on Track…

Finally! It seems like forever, but I have a new episode for you!  How I Got Into Buffy: Paul Maki Promo: Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Really Big Things Character Highlight/Topic: Big Bads Also Check Out: Help the Buffy Musical Extravaganza! Beatnik Turtle’s song Buffy Between the Lines

Shhhhh!!!! Don’t Tell!

So 5 mins worth of 5 months…. (download it there) Tomorrow is the party and Saturday we go live!

Dragon*Con Closure

Dragon*Con Wrap Up! Thanks to Tabz for joining me on this special episode.