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Upside Down and Halfway to Happy Land Episode #13

Another special episode about the Buffy Musical Extravaganza! This time featuring the amazing cast. 

BBTL/DragonCon goodness…

There is going to be an EXCLUSIVE BBTL content only available at DragonCon this year! People can only get it by seeing Kim or Tabz (the producers) at DragonCon. They can either bring up their iPod (and I’ll put it on from Tabz’ comptuter) or they can ask for a CD. To find Kim and […]

Special Interview Episode!

Sorry for the slight delay in this folks, some sound issues from using a different mic than usual.  Regardless here we are! In this very special episode of Upside Down and Halfway to Happy Land, I get the chance to talk with the producer/creator/brain behind the Buffy Musical Extravaganza. In this episode, Clinton shares his […]

New Buffy Between the Lines Contest!

Singing Along…

Just got back from the first sing-a-long, it was a total blast 🙂 Thanks to Claude for joining me and a special thanks to my sister for being such a sport while I got to geek out. I also got to talk up BBtL a lot and my nifty shirt got lots of great attention. […]