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It Goes to 11

Yep here we are with episode #11! Get it at the bottom of this page.

How I Got Into Buffy: Rafa
Promo: Just Not Right
Character Highlight: Maggie Walsh
Episode Highlight: The Yoko Factor
Topic: Season 4

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3 Responses to “It Goes to 11”

  1. Great show Kim, I totally agree about season 4, the stand alones were stronger than the season arc that year, thank goodness there were plenty of them.

    I really like Rafa’s story. It’s great how a show can really impact on a person in a positive way. William Shatner said before making the Star Trek movies, that his best fan story was about a group of vets in Vietnam, who used to talk about their favourite episodes and credited it with helping keep them sane in the jungle. Just as BTVS helped inspire Rafa to overcome a crisis and also Allison from episode 9 after surviving Katrina and having to start alone at a new college.

  2. Hey kim- i just wanted to say thanks for reading my story- and for what you said about it.
    lots of love-
    and bring Jason back again!!! i love him ( he did not pay me to write this :-)……)

  3. I also loved your story, Rafa, I really like seeing that my favorite show has made a difference in someone’s life. 🙂

    I think that perhaps you give a bit too much weight to the Initiative storyline when assessing S4, AthenaMuze, since while it is a bad storyline, it takes up fewer episodes than any other (full) season’s storyline, and therefore most of the season consists of oftentimes very good standalone episodes. The fact that the season ends with “Restless” instead of “Primeval” shows that in the end the Initiative wasn’t really a very important part of the season anyway.

    But that’s just my opinion as a S4 fan 😀

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