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Tenth Episode Extravaganza!!!

How I Got Into Buffy: James

Promo: Truth Seekers Podcast
Episode Highlight: Earshot with Jason
Character Highlight: Jonathan with Tabitha
Topic: Souls in the Buffyverse with James

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4 Responses to “10!!!!”

  1. Congrats on making it to ten! I’ve always been sure your cast goes to eleven…

    Thought I’d give some comment-love, five comments hardly seems fair when I often help the Deadpan score 1000+ in a week…

    I’ll be back later with less nonsense…

  2. Hee. Eleven. Good point, this podcast should go to eleven.

  3. Ok, I absolutely LOVE your podcast. And James was so awesome in this cast.

    I was also super excited that you paid some attention to one of my favorite episodes “Earshot.” I got into making buffy music vids awhile ago, and the first one I did (also the best one) was an episodic look at “Earshot.”


    Thanks for podcasting. I’ve been bit by the podcast bug and hope to get something going real soon. So thanks. Keep it up, and I can’t wait for the next cast.

  4. Earshot, brilliant episode highlight and Jonathon, such a great character, I’m hoping he’ll turn up in season 8.

    Tabz, James and Jason, very entertaining – as usual.
    Super show… who cares how long they run for?

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