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HappyLand Episode #8

So you could say I’m a little early, or a little late. Regardless here is episode #8 in all it’s glory!

How I Got Into Buffy: Jason (FozieBare13)
Promo: Come Let me Whisper
Character Highlight: Amy Madison
Topic: When Good Girls Go Bad

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Finally, I hope to publish my next cast on June 17th. That should put me more or less back on track!

6 Responses to “HappyLand Episode #8”

  1. This was a great show, you had me laughing out loud as I walked down the street alone!

    Halfreck and Spike knew each other when they were both human. Halfreck was Cecily, the woman William wrote poetry (effulgent)about and who rejected him and broke his heart. She obviously had a talent for inflicting pain and that is probably why she became a vengeance demon.

  2. That’s really interesting, Stephanie. I vaguely recall though that when they showed Anya and Halfreck together at that dinner table, that took place before the flashback where William talked to Cecily. It’s possible I’m remembering the dates wrong, or I’m just thinking about it too much.

  3. Ok, I’m putting on my uber geek hat now. (it has a sparkly pink propeller)

    Spike was sired in 1880 and the scene with Halfreck and Anya at the dinner table was at the beginning of the Russian Revolution, which was 1905.

    In fact that scene was originally supposed to take place in the Renaissance or some other earlier time, but was changed when they realized that Halfreck wasn’t alive back then.

    Great show btw. It was fun listening to you two have so much fun, and Jason, if you do a podcast, I will *so* be listening.

  4. absolutely hilarious, its really good when you’ve got another person to bounce off, and good god jason was funny, people in the cars around me this morning on my way to work couldnt get away from me fast enough cos i was just laughing the whole way.

    didnt they realise after they cast kahli as halfrek that some people would notice she was cecily so they gave her the little “william?” line? i think thats what it was…

  5. You all rock! I knew that Cecily/Halfrek were one and the same, but I want to know the fiction that links them. I imagine there’s fanfic about it…

    There also speculation on if she was a vengence demon as Cecily.

    And Jason is so very awesome, Thanks again for your amazing contributions!

  6. It is so interesting to listen to episodes from years ago. I know Fozzie from Twittere and he was awesome back in 2007 just as he is now! Great episodes, guys!

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