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HappyLand Episode #7

How I got into Buffy: Paula

Promo: Pulp Gamer
Episode Highlight: Once More, With Feeling (a look at the music)

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Thanks again to Paula for singing with me and for contributing!

7 Responses to “HappyLand Episode #7”

  1. Hey, great cast. I’ve been feening for my Buffy fix for a while. I also love being referred to as a pod-person. Just a couple general thought while they’re still fresh.
    1)David Fury! David FURY! I totally was yelling at my iPod
    2) I think it worked that Willow didn’t sing in OMWT because that was the time when Willow was really getting deeper into magic, and constantly hiding her addiction. It fed into the fact that she was the “big bad” that season because Sweet made everyone share their inner-most feelings, and showing us Willow’s may have spoiled the surprise at the season finale.
    3) Just wanted to point out that, yea Nick B, Emma C, SMG, et al were NOT professional singers so it’s not fair to judge them that way. SMG really held her own and carried the show. Also don’t forget they made her dance, hit some really dark emotional places AND then juggle a couple episodes later. Say what you will about the girl, she always gives 110%.
    4) Shup up Dawn!
    5) I would LOVE to be a guest on an upcoming episode. Just sayin. 🙂

  2. Nice entry to the PRTQ! Five stars.

  3. Fozziebare13,

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    As for the speaking of SMG (and the rest really), I think we made a point to mention how difficult her stuff was. Remember, we were just offering up opinions from a more musical standpoint. Points to her for her hard work and great overall show, I don’t think anyone would say those were in question.

    Also that is a very interesting point about Willow, I hadn’t thought of it! However, since we were just looking at the music this go, the character motivations were not in question, and it is well known that Aly asked not to sing.

    I know, I hang my head in shame over the David Fury thing. I should have known sooner. I blanked.

    Hee on the Dawn bit…

    Finally… You are on! Just send me your HIGitB story and be ready to put something together soon and I’m totally up for it. But until I have a way to contact you, it’ll be up to you to send me that email. If you already have, then you should see something from me soon.

  4. First, great podcast. Thanks for pointing out what a good job Emma and Nick did, considering they were not professional singers. They tend to get overshadowed by ASH and Amber lovin’. Here’s something I’ve been kicking around the old noggin since listening to your podcast: maybe it’s better that Xander wasn’t the greatest singer/dancer. It kind of fits his character. He’s an average, typical human guy with friends who have super powers. In Season 7, he lies to Dawn and says “she isn’t ordinary, she’s extrordinary.” That’s totally Xander. Keep those podcasts coming!

  5. Thank you!
    And you’ve got a point here, it really does fit that Xander is sort of oafish and clumsy with his singing and dancing. That may be why it never really bothered me all that much.

  6. LOL!! I LOVED THIS!! and I like fozziebare13’s point of view on everything.

  7. Thanks Laura! Be sure to check out episode 8 starring fozziebare13 himself!

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