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Episode #6

How I got into Buffy: Kate/Spygirl76

Promo: The Game Master Show
Character Highlight: Buffy Season 7
Epode Highlight: Dirty Girls
Topic of the Podcast: Mailbag!

2 Responses to “Episode #6”

  1. I want to thank you for reading my post on Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland Episode #6. (On “Narrative and Character Arcs”) It was enjoyable to hear my half-baked sentences read by your voice. I wished only I had crafted my words better and reread my post with an eye to how the tongue could handle the little twists around the bend of phrases.

    You asked if I would write a “How I got into Buffy, piece.” I will probably do that some other time, but I will have to think about it a little.

    Let me also say that I listen to your podcast while I am cleaning house or filing away notes and articles for the book I am working on. I also listen to other Buffy podcasts. But for some reason it is yours that I feel most inspired by, and I don’t know why. As far as intellectual thought “Buffycast” is very good, and it is too bad that the guy in charge does not seem to be working anymore. But there is something about the quality of your voice, that opens up to sympathy and empathy, and makes it easy to listen to you. I say this to encourage you I just want to hear more from you, and encourage you to keep on going, with this podcast, because I enjoy you and it very much.

    I will send you a longer version of this post by email.


  2. Thanks Jerry! I did get your email and will be getting back to you on it shortly!

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