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HappyLand Episode #7

How I got into Buffy: Paula Promo: Pulp Gamer Episode Highlight: Once More, With Feeling (a look at the music) Check out my NPR entry here. Details on my own contest here. Find out if the Buffy Sing-a-Long is coming your way! Buffy Between the Lines Thanks again to Paula for singing with me and […]

I Need a New Intro!

I am looking for a new intro for my podcast and I’m looking to YOU for help. The winner of this contest will receive all issues of the Buffy Season 8 comic (up to #4), and you will have the joy of listening to it on my podcast! Each entry must:be submitted to UpsideDownHappyLand@gmail.combe in […]

Technical Difficulties!

I’m sad to say that I’m having some technical difficulties right now so my cast for this week will be delayed. Having a bit of trouble with Libsyn right now but I’m hoping to get it all cleared up by next weekend so I should have something up by then. In the meantime it looks […]

Take a Listen!

Tabz over at Strangely Literal is dealing with the loss of her cat and so I offered to do the review of The Long Way Home issue #3 in her stead. Please take a moment to listen to the cast and then send her some love. Thanks!

Episode #6

How I got into Buffy: Kate/Spygirl76 Promo: The Game Master Show Character Highlight: Buffy Season 7 Epode Highlight: Dirty Girls Topic of the Podcast: Mailbag!