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Number 5 is Alive!

ok ok lame reference, lame movie, but…. Episode 5 is up!

How I got into Buffy: Veronica
Promo: Buffy Between the Lines
Epode Highlight: Something Blue
Character/Topic of the Podcast: Willow and Magic
Promo: Undead America
Trivia: Last episode’s trivia details

3 Responses to “Number 5 is Alive!”

  1. Thanks for the shout out lady! And Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey, I started listening to your podcast based on Alyrenee’s suggestion and it’s great! Thanks for the hard work.

    Also I recently sent you my How I Got Into Buffy story. I didn’t really appreciate how much the show made a difference in me until I sat down to write it (at work, while constantly flipping over to work e-mail when someone walked by my desk).

  3. Thank you and awesome! I’ll be getting in touch with you soon!

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