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Icon Goodness

So I recently got into making icons and thanks to my wonderful husband I even managed to snag the software for it for my birthday. So please feel free to take a gander and use any you’d like! Enjoy!

Number 5 is Alive!

ok ok lame reference, lame movie, but…. Episode 5 is up! How I got into Buffy: Veronica Promo: Buffy Between the Lines Epode Highlight: Something Blue Character/Topic of the Podcast: Willow and Magic Promo: Undead America Trivia: Last episode’s trivia details

HappyLand Episode #4

Episode #4 is up! How I got into Buffy: Mike Marinaro Promo: FanTABZulous Epode Highlight: Afterlife Topic of the Podcast: Later Seasons—To Love or Not and Why? Also: Save Veronica Mars!