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Episode(s) #3 is Finally Here!

Episode #3 comes in two shiny parts.
You do not need to listen to them together or in order (for that matter) for it to make sense.

How I got into Buffy: Tabitha Smith
Promo: Tales From the ‘Verse
Epode Highlight: Fear Itself
Character Highlight: Oz
Topic of the Podcast: Fanfic

4 Responses to “Episode(s) #3 is Finally Here!”

  1. I don’t know if anyone has told you about the origin of the quote, “As goes Willow so goes my nation”. It isn’t an auto commercial. It is an old politictial statement: “As goes New Hampshire so goes the nation”. That is because New Hampshire was always the first to report and they ususally go with the eventual winner.

  2. I believe it. But it was also a commercial, promise. 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about keeping your personal hate of characters out of good fiction. There is an author by the name of Kate on Twisting the Hellmouth, she is a awesome fanfic writer, but as soon as she introduces Willow or Xander her fic’s go to crap. And the whole plot is derailed and completely looses focus on what the whole fic was about.

    I acctually avoid any fic’s that are by her because of this, but occasonally I’ll start a fic and not relize Kate wrote it until the bashing starts.

    I’ve often commented to her that she should just leave them out of her fic’s if she hates them so much, and her fic’s would be steller and not be known as bashers. but hey its her fic.

  4. Yeah its so frustrating when people amplify their personal bias through their fic. Funnily enough, I tend to write those characters that annoy me better. lol

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