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Need promos!!!!!

Got your own podcast? Need someone to pimp your website? Looking for a little attention? If so then send them on over!!! Really folks, I’m looking for some promos to air on my podcast and so I’m hoping to get some lovely people to send me some. If you have something you want to advertize, […]

Episode(s) #3 is Finally Here!

Episode #3 comes in two shiny parts. You do not need to listen to them together or in order (for that matter) for it to make sense. How I got into Buffy: Tabitha Smith Promo: Tales From the ‘Verse Epode Highlight: Fear Itself Character Highlight: Oz Topic of the Podcast: Fanfic

Many Things I Do Not Know…

Ok so the latest cast should be out very soon! It’s “in the can” so to speak, just needs a big dose of slappin’ the thing together and we will be on the way! It is a bigt one though, so I’ll probably make it a two parter… In the meantime, I’ve been nominated for […]

HappyLand Episode #2

So the mighty episode #2 is now available. How I got into Buffy: Buffynut Episode highlight: Intervention Character highlight: Buffybot Topic of the week: Being Rough with Each Other This week I was lucky enough to have a contributor for all of the sections. A HUGE thank you to Buffynut for her contributions. Dialog for […]