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Almost there…

The next cast is almost ready to go, just holding out hope for a few little pieces I am waiting on. I may give up and just move on without them though, so stay tuned…

Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!!

Alyrenee over at Undead America has put together a fanfic challenge about Anya. Go here to check out the action, and maybe even get your story read on the air!


Turns out I managed to leave off my character highlight from episode #1. So I give you… Episode #1.2! Episode #2 will be out soon, but in the meantime, enjoy!

For anyone who enjoys the Week in Whedon podcast, laoshi and Tabz (at SL Podcast) are trying to give them encouragement/love to bring the show back! Head over to weekinwhedon.org’s forums or drop them an emailThanks so much! If you own a community that is Whedon related PLEASE post this there. 🙂

Upside Down and Halfway to Happy Land Episode #1

Well here it is, the very first cast! In it, I spend a little time with Anya, who gave me the title of this podcast. How I got into Buffy: AthenaMuze Episode Highlight: Selfless Character Highlight: Anya Topic of the Week: Xander and Anya For some information about Anya, check this out. For details on […]

So now I’m officially on my way! I have all of the content ready for the first cast and the show notes will be up soon. I am just waiting until I can get over this cold to do the recording but soon, very soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the amazing banner that Tabz from http://sl-podcast.livejournal.com/ Strangely […]